My First Post (how original!)


Maybe it’s because I’m new to blogging, maybe it’s just my inability to plough right in to things, either way I really felt like I needed an introductory post despite reading that it’s actually more popular to just start blogging as if you’ve been doing it for months. So here it is! Unfortunately, however, after spending so much time thinking of a blog name and choosing a theme and adding a picture (why do they give you so many options!?!) I am going to have to keep this rather short as it’s late and I feel pretty crap. I have a cold, a sore throat and a headache. Basically, I’m on the way to being hospitalised with the deadly man flu any day now.

I’ve been wanting to start a blog for almost a year now but I never knew what to write about. I still don’t really but I thought ‘what’s the one thing I know more than anyone else about?

My life…

It will probably be rather boring but at least I’ve started the ball rolling and have accomplished one of my ambitions; to start a blog. So it’s here that I will write about my everyday life, the events that happen – good and bad, my job, the joys of parenthood, the joys(?) of marriage and, from time to time, my thoughts and opinions on things I feel strongly about or happen to be on my mind as I blog.

Anyway, short and sweet I know, but it’s nearly midnight, I’ve got work in the morning, both kids are a bit ill (not as bad as me, of course, nothing is worse than man flu) and my eyelids feel like they have glue on them. I promise to write a more lengthy and (hopefully) interesting post tomorrow.

Night night


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